I18n translation: translate json file and blog post to multilanguage

Using best LLM models for accurate and localised i18n translation, keep the structure of the translated content

support file: json, markdown, txt...

Very accurate and interesting translations, easy to use and saveme a lot of time!

Lydia Anna


How to use this i18n tool?


Upload Your File

support .json, .markdown and .txt.


Select Languages and Translate

translate your file into multiple language versions.


Check or Edit

check and edit your file in our editor!



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🌐 What is the Purpose of this i18n Translation Tool?

The purpose of this i18n translation tool is to structure the translation of your JSON files and documents, particularly Markdown documents, while preserving the structure of your content as much as possible during translation.

Why we Need JSON and Markdown File translations in i18n?

In the current i18n setup for Next.js, React, Vite, etc., JSON is widely used for internationalizing various instructional texts on websites. For website content such as blog posts, many websites use Markdown for writing.

This tool can translate these and other website i18n-related files in batches while ensuring translation quality.

🚫 Why Does this i18n Translation Tool Have Usage Limits?

We use large language models with contextual information for translation, rather than traditional Google Translate.

Translation Process of JSON and Markdown Files in This i18n Tool

For JSON files, we do not translate line by line but rather in batches.

For Markdown documents or general articles, we appropriately segment the content and translate it with background information.

To achieve better localization translation effects, our prompt lengths often exceed the translation text, which incurs additional costs. Therefore, the size of files that can be translated at the free tier is limited.

Generally, the free tier can meet users' basic needs. Due to API rate limits and to ensure the stability of the service, the number of files and language versions available for translation per request for free users is limited. We hope you understand.

Note: For sensitive parts of the content, the translated content will be blank, and the rest will be normal.

Simple & Affordable Pricing


No subscription and payment


Translation needs to wait

Select up to 2 files, 2 language versions for each translation

For each json files, translate up to 30 key-value records.

For each documents, translate up to about 2000 characters


Monthly Subscription


250 credits

Fast translation without waiting for

Select up to 10 files and all languages for each translation

For each json files, translate up to 300 key-value records.

For each documents, translate up to about 40000 characters

Translated files are saved for 15 days


Monthly Subscription


30 credits

If you mainly translate json file a few articles, this level will meet your needs!

Everything else is the same as Premium


Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time from the dashboard page.

How are the consumed credits calculated?

When you choose to use paid credits, a detailed consumption summary will appear for your confirmation. Currently, each character costs 0.00004 credits, and each translation batch costs 0.0045 credits. The number of translation batches depends on the length of your content.

How are translation batches calculated?

The number of translation batches is determined by the length of your content. To maintain translation quality and consistency, we appropriately segment the content.

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